The Intricacies of Playing AA

When playing poker, a person who has two aces is referred to having pocket rockets. When this happens, there are several different things that you can do. How you act will depend on what your opponent does, and what is playing style is.

What to do Against an AA

If you happen to play a tournament and know that your opponent has AA, then you should call with whatever you have in your hand if it si cheap to call. A random hand only has a 15% chance of winning against an AA, but when the 15% occur, you can win big.

Your opponent may make a raise that is higher than normal, which most people do if they have AA. If this is the case, again, be sure to call with whatever you have. For example, an 85 suited is an underdog by 80 -20 before a flop. Unless the raise is so large that too much of your stack is needed to call, you should always call. If you don't flop anything, you just fold and your losses are minimal. On the other hand, if you flop is good to you, you will make all of your earnings back from all of the previous folds.

The statistics can only take you so far in a game of poker. Another large aspect is the psychological aspect of playing poker. Legendary poker player Doyle Brunson has stated that he would rather have an AK, an Ace and King, than an AA. The reason behind this is because you are able to postflop when needed. The AA combination has both positive and negative aspects, and it takes time and patience to learn both the advantages and disadvantages of having AA.

Considering Player's Skill

The danger of getting AA also depends on the skill level of the player. Some players may go full tilt when they have an AA. They may either recall a time that they lost and try to force the cards into a victory. They may also go the complete opposite direction and try to slowplay by just limping preflop. Limping preflop is a very risky trick because you only win a little bit if successful, but the losses can be devastating.

Playing preflop with AA is relatively easy. Just raise, or re-raise if someone raised before you. Be very careful when you decide to slowplay with an AA, there are only specific times that you should do this, such as when you have a very aggressive opponent at the table

There is no tactic that guarantees a win every time; that is both the difficulty and beauty of poker. Depending on you opponent, your tactics will change. Be sure to play it smart if you want to win, don't blindly stick to one tactic, hoping that it will be successful most of the time. Read your opponents and react accordingly. With these simple tips in hand, your game will improve and may even make you a better player than before.