PokerStars Bonus Code

PokerStars is the perfect place to start playing online poker.

The features that make playing poker on the Web a great experience are among other things the availability of games in all poker variations and stake levels.

In the past, we could only play poker at casinos. This required not just time spent to reach them, but you may also have had to wait for a table to have an available seat, or your preferred poker variation or stake level may not have been offered at all.

But not at pokerstars where game selection is the largest on the Internet, and thus waiting times cannot be less.

It is our pleasure to offer an amazing 100% poker bonus up to $600 for your first deposit at PokerStars.

In order to get the poker bonus at pokerstars, just enter the PSPxxxx in the field for "marketing code" when you make your register for the first time, as shown in the picture below.

Make sure to input the marketing code PSPxxxx at the time of your first registration at PokerStars, otherwise you will not get the maximum bonus of 100% up to $600 that we offer.

A unique feature of marketing code PSPxxxx is that you will benefit from the bonus for your first three deposits, not just the first one. So you can start with a smaller deposit to test the waters and make bigger deposits later, and still benefit from the 100% bonus.

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